Ortadoğu Grup, which commenced its business activities in 1981 as a construction and logistics company, has completed many successful investments and projects over more than 30 years, both at a national and international level.

Leading the healthcare industry, Ortadoğu Grup has revolutionized the quality of healthcare in the Turkish public sector with its “Memorial Hospital” project. Memorial Hospital became the 21st hospital in the world and the first ever hospital in Turkey to receive the JCI accreditation certificate, which is the most prestigious healthcare accreditation in the world. Today, Memorial Hospital is a healthcare organization that patients, not only from Turkey, but from all over the world choose for their treatments.

Upon initiating its operations in the renewable energy industry with its “Landfill Gas-to-Energy Plants”, Ortadoğu Grup then succeeded in establishing the biggest energy plant in Europe and one of the biggest energy plants in the world with the “Istanbul Landfill Gas-to-Energy” project. The project, which is a highly recognized project in the global energy production industry, has also contributed to an important exchange of know-how and experience with the visiting committees representing more than 100 regions and countries. This project is also the largest “Voluntary Carbon Credits” project in the world with 1 million tons of carbon per year.

Ortadoğu Grup has so far completed outstanding housing and commercial building projects both in Turkey and abroad, and continues its construction operations with a portfolio of housing projects of approximately one billion TL in total.

Ortadoğu Grup is also one of the leading players in road transport, managing very successful operations in the industry.

Today, Ortadoğu Grup continues to produce innovative projects in various industries such as Construction, Tourism, Energy, Logistics, Healthcare, Food, International Trade and Environmental Technologies.

Our Values

As the Ortadoğu Grup, we aim to develop innovative projects within the framework of sustainable business models through optimizing our resources in order to meet the customer and market needs of the industries in which we operate. For this purpose, in all of our operations, we first seek to thoroughly understand the dynamics of the industry and the task at hand before taking any action, working within an institutionalized organization structure. We strive to move forward in a bold and target-oriented manner, pre-planning all of our operations.

Key Words Describing Our Values