Wome Deluxe turns the holiday into a special experience for its guests.

We offer you the Wome Loyalty Program full of privilege, to make your every holiday more special.

You can experience the highest level of luxury and comfort with advantageous prices and extra privileges, thanks to this program. We bring your holiday to the next level with this program that will make you feel even more special on every Wome holiday.

Wome Loyalty is the key to being privileged at Wome.


You can become a member of the Loyalty Program and start enjoying the benefits of membership with your first reservation..

Group, Meeting, Agency reservations and Special discounted reservations such as Comp. reservations are not included in the loyalty system.

The minimum spending amounts determined for transitions between membership levels are valid only for 2022.

In reservations made with membership, if the member is as a guest, only the room in which the member stays can benefit from the relevant membership benefits.

Updates regarding memberships are checked at the end of the day following departure after the last stay, and membership benefits are updated in the relevant membership account.

When the earnings during the stay reach the level which is appropriate for the next membership status, the update is processed after the end of the current stay and the new benefits begin to be applied from the next reservation.

Membership status continue from a sub-category unless you accommodate in our facilities for 3 consecutive years.

Membership benefits marked * are applied according to facility availability.

Old-dated stays cannot be included in the loyalty program. It is based on the stays made as of the membership date.

Wome Deluxe Hotel Management reserves the right to cancel or change the Loyalty and Guest Membership Program, its products and services, the rules for earning and spending points, or the program, in part or whole, without prior notice.

You can always contact the CRM department if you need any help regarding the Loyalty Program: crm@wome.com.tr